Adapt your unique fragrance formula to make 'his & hers', 'his & his', 'hers & hers' or 'theirs & theirs' complementary fragrances.


Once you've created your own unique fragrance formula we can mix your Eau de Parfum for you to wear as a perfume or aftershave. Please note that the process of blending, maceration, filtration and clarification usually takes a minimum of 6 weeks.


This is a popular choice for customers who have not chosen to make scented room products (i.e. candles or mist) and have created a formula specifically for a bespoke perfume or aftershave. Alternatively, if you've already ordered scented room products, we can tweak the formula slightly to make a complimentary perfume or aftershave - be it by enhancing delicate floral tones to make it more feminine or by adding woody base notes to make it more typically masculine. Upon purchasing, we will contact you to discuss how you wish the two Eau de Parfums to differ and individually shine.


Please note that tweaks to an existing formula are done by our in-house perfumer who will use their judgement when re-formulating the fragrance in to a complementary perfume or aftershave. A sample will be sent to you to approve before the final perfume is made - a maximum of two revisions can then be made before it is signed off.


Once finalised, new versions of your fragrance formula will be archived for use in Eau de Parfum only should you wish to re-order it again in the future. 

Two Perfumes / Aftershaves

  • Due to the highly personalised nature of this product, we are not able to take returns or issue refunds for this product due to a change of heart. 

    If the product has arrived broken or damaged in transit then please inform us within 24 hours of it arriving and we will issue a replacement.

  • The process of making an Eau de Parfum is time consuming and complex - as such, please allow at least 6 weeks for this product to be handmade for you.

    If timeframe is crucial then please get in touch to confirm the anticipated lead time before placing your order and we may be able to speed the process up depending on the ingredients used in your unique fragrance formula. 

    Once ready to dispatch, delivery will be carried our via courier which usually takes 2-5 working days. The delivery cost is based on the total weight of your order.